Kindness; it'll go a long way

Kindness; it'll go a long way

How often do you spend time scrolling on social media & find yourself bashing others or talking with friends about what you saw because of: x, y or z?

Maybe you don’t say it verbally, but maybe you think it.

I have been guilty of it too.

“She’s getting to sing at conference but she was just doing this and that” or “he gets to preach at that big church but he was just talking about this and that.”

Maybe your thoughts or words aren’t exact to that, but it’s likely you’ve thought or even spoke something along those lines.


I’d like to take your attention to John 8:7(KJV); “So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”


In John, we see that Jesus tells the Scribes & the Pharisees that He that is without sin, to cast the first stone at the woman who was brought unto the mount of Olives.   

How many people do I think threw a stone at her? My guess is no one. Not a single person. Because they all were sinners, in need of the grace of our Father, Jesus.

I believe our society has gotten so comfortable with hiding behind our screens. We cast stones yet we aren’t even worthy to cast stones. We criticize, condemn and spit out words from a place of jealousy.

Even I have been in that place.

Sometimes I began to think something and I feel the Lord shake me and stop me in my tracks. It’s like a megaphone in my ear, I hear Him saying: “did you pray for them?” or “check your spirit before you speak!” I am so thankful for Gods spirit that quickens me. How wrong of me to let words flow from my mouth from a place of envy and how wrong of me to point my finger when I do not know the whole story.


Hebrews‬ ‭4:16‬ ‭‬(KJV) tells us “Let us therefore come boldly unto the THRONE of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”

God tells us where to obtain mercy and find grace. It is not in remarks to friends & family. It is at His holy throne. What a shame of me to blab words that can’t be taken back, when I should’ve met Jesus at His throne and took my brother/sister to God in prayer.

We have no greater grace, than the grace of our heavenly, eternal Father.

We are the children of GOD. We are not to be in groups and circles, ripping our brothers and sisters apart. We are created to be show kindness in Gods kingdom and to Gods children.

What would our churches, church services, our worship, our prayer and even the world around us become like if instead of throwing a stone(where we don’t have the right to do so), we became “block stackers?” What type of fire would fall in our churches and our lives if we walked with graceful spirits and hearts that see the best in others? What if we “stack blocks” and cheers others on instead of making a snark remark out of a heart of bitterness or jealousy?

Jesus is calling us to a place of grace. God desires for His people to be unified, & linked together(not in groups). That we may experience unity as on the day of Pentecost(Acts 2:1), where we are in One mind and in One accord.

My prayer today is this…that God would create a heart in us that sees the best no matter what. We all come from many background and walks. We all have things that trigger and are “roots” to  bitterness and jealousy but God has literally commanded us to love our neighbor as ourselves. (Leviticus 19:18) We’ve got to find our identity in Christ before we can love ourselves and before we can love our neighbor, we must love ourselves.

Today, I am personally evaluating my walk with Jesus. How rooted am I in Him? Do I know my identity in God so that I can truly love myself so that I can wholeheartedly love my neighbor?

Will you join me in being the difference? We can be kind, show grace and build others up & cheer them on?

Be encouraged my friend.

We are all striving to be like Jesus everyday.

If we all work together, we can do His work.


Love, Cheyann


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Well said sweet niece. God is using you. Let him continue to do so. Be the difference in the world I love you very much.

Aunt DeeDee

Well said sweet niece. We are ALL guilty of judging others when we have never been given that right. We don’t know the whole story. Yes we need to love more . Encourage more. I love you BIG

Aunt Dee Dee

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